Month: December, 2013


While running this blog I have encountered many different obstacles. Some self-perpetuated: my very limiting initial blog topic, my limited time and access to interesting news. And others caused from external factors: I can’t write about what Congress is doing if they never get anything done.


The tools I have used have all seemed, to me, convoluted and gimmicky. If it weren’t for the restrictions and requirements of the course assignment I wouldn’t force a slideshow or a featured tweet section into a blog that doesn’t necessarily benefit from either. But I do understand why these requirements exist.

In the future the experience of running this blog will benefit me; that I am sure of. I have learned that twitter for self-promotion can get ultra annoying/desperate very quickly. Facebook on the other hand lends itself to a more personal method of outreach. I’ve learned that absolutely no one reads the “About” page and it is always easier to write your opinion first and find sources to back it up after.


Very soon I will begin writing for a new similar blog with a couple friends. It should be good so stick around.


Remembering Nelson Mandela


I’ve compiled a few excerpts sourced from some prominent voices to speak about the many perceptions individuals have had of Mandela during and after his life. My favorite (oddly enough) is the yahoo news article. Who knew the all-knowing infallible U.S. government could ever make such a mistake?

False Advertising

Political ads are awful. Even the good ones would never sell the product they advertise. I am not alone in this opinion. In highschool I was given an assignment to create a political ad by a teacher who sought to prove this point to the class. This is the product of that assignment: