Obama’s Shades

by Jon Rodriguez

Obama sunglasses 6Sunglasses came to prominence in American fashion through their use by Hollywood’s earliest stars. (Or so says Wikipedia.) Shortly after film’s golden age the accessory became a staple among the masses as easily as the youth mimicked the stars they desperately wanted to emulate. And while they come in many shapes and colors, sunglasses, at their foundation, serve a practical purpose: to protect one’s eyes from the sun –or others.

Obama sunglasses 4

For as long as they have been used for protection from the sun, sunglasses have served the purpose of hiding the emotions one conveys through their eyes. In popular culture sunglasses have even been used to conceal someone’s identity entirely. And more recently sunglasses have been used to “block out the hater-rays”.

So when I see the President wearing sunglasses I must ask: why is he wearing sunglasses? And no, this isn’t some conspiracy that Obama wears sunglasses to hide his true identity as a Kenyan-born infidel who deceived the most powerful country in the world simply by producing a fake birth certificate… of course not. Right?

Obama sunglasses 5

I ask because this past week, as I read about his proverbial poker match with Putin, I wondered what his true intention was. As a bold and acclaimed speaker, his speech Tuesday was uncharacteristically shallow and seemed to fall on deaf ears, giving no unifying direction to our nation’s goal in the Syrian conflict. I ask myself why the recipient of a Nobel Peace-Prize must negotiate with a former KGB officer to carry out military intervention in a foreign country? I then realize that I’ve forgotten to ask why a Nobel-Peace prize recipient is using military force as a punishment for a country for using military force.

Then I realize Obama wears shades for more than one reason. At times like this, Obama needs to deflect all the hater-rays he can. He also uses his sunglasses’ ability to hide  a master-plan that seems to bewilder even his most loyal followers and conversely attract those previously critical of his policy. This must be why. In a time when party-platforms seem to be degrading to the point where they resemble their opposition, who wouldn’t want to hide? And when the most powerful man in the world has a plan that appears to be failing in every regard (though I’m sure it isn’t) who wouldn’t want to distort the vision of the future so that it may resemble something easier to witness?

With sunglasses, that which is too damaging to the naked eye becomes visible. One can bear to see things better left unseen by those without protection. Obama has his shades on. What is he looking at?

Obama sunglasses



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