An Introduction

In the world of American politics, there are many things taken into account, when considering a candidate, that may seem especially superficial or shallow to the foreigner. The foreigner may see values, principles, and promises as the foundation of the candidate, The domestic voter, for better or worse, sees the wrinkles in his shirt, the glow behind his smile, and the firmness in his handshake.

I see the brand of his shoes, the silhouette of his suit, and pattern of his tie.

I have created this blog to study where fashion, politics, and ideology meet. In any situation where politics is discussed openly there is likely to be fierce debate. This blog is not your battleground and I am no one’s general.

Look forward to content of all sorts being posted here as I journey with you to discover more about style and American politics.

As a teaser please look at this blog post as things of this nature serve as my inspiration.